1. Unfortunately the sport of Paintball has died a slow death during the recession and it has severely affected the numbers of people who can play. Either from a financial point of view or for the amount of players who immigrated. With no players, the community is dead. I will leave the site here in for as long as possible as an archive as to the great community that we had during 2005 - 2010. Maybe one day... it will be back. Regards, Richie

Testing new Forum

Discussion in 'Webmaster' started by Richie, Sep 29, 2013.


How do you like it

  1. Hell Noooo

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  2. Dam... I got no choice

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  1. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Testing McTest

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  2. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    SOD 8 a the good days
  3. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    ps why am i down as a new member ?
  4. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Your down as an active member. There is some tweeting to be done with the new software yet.
  5. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    Ya i like the new forum .....was sick of the green anyway
  6. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    change is good yes liking the new forum
  7. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    Can we get the shoutout box back ? Was actually one of the best features of the forum
  8. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    I will see if there is a shout box available
  9. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    ya we need a shoutout box
  10. BigBad

    BigBad Member

    Seems like something happened recently as I was unable to connect for a couple of weeks!! Good to see it's back up again though

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